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Fox News Viewers Are Sounding Off After Shepard Smith Urged Them To Actually Read The Mueller Report

Fox News // @Buckeye16424534/Twitter

Fox News isn't exactly known for its accurate reporting, despite "Fair and Balanced" being the network's former motto.

Fox host Shep Smith, however, brought a dose of truth to the network's viewers—and it left them with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham frequently decry the Russia "hoax" and claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report amounts to a complete exoneration of President Donald Trump.

As Shep Smith pointed out, that is by no means the case.

Shep Smith Urges Fox News Viewers to Read Mueller Report: 'Did Not Exonerate' Trump

Smith reminded viewers:

"Remember in his 400 plus page report—that everyone in America should read, everyone—Robert Mueller laid out ten instances of apparent obstruction of justice, criminal obstruction of justice potentially by President Trump. The Special Counsel did not exonerate the President, said if they could've, they would've, but they couldn't so they didn't."

It's no secret to most Americans by now—even if they haven't read the report—that the Special Counsel didn't by any means exonerate the President.

To Fox News viewers, however, urging Americans to read the full report and learn this for themselves is nakedly biased and Shep began taking heat.

Though Fox News devotees may rail against him, others commended Shep Smith for speaking truth to an audience against it.

Some think that no matter how often Shep proclaims the truth, Fox viewers will never be open to it.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work, Shep.

If you want to read the full Mueller Report (minus redactions), it is available here in paperback format.