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Fox News Reporter Goes In On Rudy Giuliani Over His Press Conference That Was 'Light On Facts'

Fox News Reporter Goes In On Rudy Giuliani Over His Press Conference That Was 'Light On Facts'
Fox News; MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Fresh off of beclowning himself in Borat Subsequentmoviefilm and holding a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company (not the luxury hotel), President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, continues to debase himself on behalf of the President.

Giuliani's has been one of the most visible faces defending the President's lies that widespread election fraud changed millions of Trump votes to Biden votes, tipping the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

On Thursday, Giuliani held a press conference with fellow Trump legal advisors Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell, where the trio made repeatedly debunked claims that election software company Dominion Voting Systems conspired with its rival, Smartmatic, to subvert the 2020 election.

They've provided no evidence for this "nationwide conspiracy" and will be hard-pressed to do so, since—again—it's a total lie.

Even some personalities at the conservative Fox News network had to call Giuliani out on the falsehoods.

Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher gave a play by play on Giuliani's lies.

Watch below.

Fisher said:

"That was certainly a colorful news conference from Rudy Giuliani, but it was light on facts. So much of what he said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in court. ..."
"In Pennsylvania, Giuliani continued to claim widespread voter fraud in Philadelphia, even though he has already said in court, and I quote, 'This is not a fraud case,' so what he is saying in public—not under oath—is different from what he said in court."

People applauded Fisher's focus on the facts.

Twitter users were pleasantly surprised to see even Fox News calling out the lies.

It's not just Fox News journalists either. One of the network's opinion hosts—the notoriously far-right Tucker Carlson—called out the lack of evidence at the press conference as well.