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Fox News Just Ran A Commercial For 'Trumpy Bear'β€”And People Can't Believe It's Actually Real πŸ˜‚

@atrupar, @RobertJauregui7/Twitter

Fox News is a favorite news source for conservatives. Of course whether or not it can be called news is highly questionable. However, whether the channel is news or not means nothing to a company looking to cash in on their largely conservative viewing base.

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar saw this commercial on the channel and immediately posted it to Twitter:

Yes, it is a commercial for the "Trumpy Bear", complete with an American flag blanket that you can pull out of its back. Now that's what we call patriotism!

Though, in an ironic twist, there was some debate over whether or not this violated flag code.

Others made some Russian connections.

Some could not believe that this product was real.

Many thought it was a sign of the strange times that we live in.

While most wondered about the variations this bear might come in.

Well, we know what a lot of conservatives are getting for Christmas.

H/T: Twitter, Snopes