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Woman Asks For Advice After Finding Out Her Ex-Boyfriend Married Their Former Couples Therapist A Year After Their Sessions With Her

Woman Asks For Advice After Finding Out Her Ex-Boyfriend Married Their Former Couples Therapist A Year After Their Sessions With Her
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When a relationship became rocky, they turned to couples therapy, but to no avail.

The sessions were one-sided and a little flirty.

After the couple finally threw in the towel, mere months passed before the ex-boyfriend converted flirty into massive life decision and straight up married the therapist.

The young woman in this scenario turned to Reddit to air some of her frustrations with the medical professional. The very person she once turned to for a restful mind now haunts her, and only a year later at that.

In the post, lemonadedays explains how her feelers were up from the get-go when she and her boyfriend sat down with a female therapist to work through some issues.

And apparently, sparks flew.

The most untimely, inappropriate sparks.

"After three sessions with, I refused to return due to her blatant flirtatious behavior and extremely judgmental attitude toward me."
"She never asked about my feelings or perspective in the relationship."

This was going ROUGH. The far more sever fallout hadn't even occurred at this point, but it's very clear that lemonadedays did not feel helped by the approached.

In fact, she felt hurt and judged.

She then walks readers through the inevitable end to that relationship.

"We broke up about 2 months after the sessions, but I stayed living with my ex-boyfriend until November."

Then came the first sighting.

"Once after I moved out I had to return to the old apartment to get mail."
"They happened to be getting ready to go out on his motorcycle and were both wearing full-face motorcycle helmets, but I KNEW from her body type and hair that it was her."

So busted.


lemonadedays played it cool though and moved on, making no fuss about the encounter.

While a small encounter like that is one thing, full-on marriage is another. There is no hiding in a world of social media.

A friend of lemonadedays tipped her off to a photo of the new happy couple kicking around the interwebs.

"The photo was of him and my ex-therapist, celebrating their one-year anniversary. I found her facebook with the name change and sure enough, they got married September 2018."

She crunched the numbers to get an accurate sense of drama.

"This was less than a year after the break up with my ex, and barely over a year after our sessions with her ended."

lemonadedays quickly points out the the issue here is not her former boo.

"I am not upset that my ex moved on--so have I. I thank the Universe every day that I am no longer with that Narcissist."

Rather, the conduct of the therapist is what really has her concerned, not just for herself but others too.

But she's unsure if reporting is the right move.

"I am considering filing a complaint with the American Counseling Association."
"I fear coming off as a bitter ex."

Apparently, Reddit is filled to the brim with therapists, all of whom were happy to offer advice.

"As a mental health counselor myself I encourage you to make the report.
"Our ethical standards explicitly state not to have ANY type of personal relationship with clients for at least a year and romantic ones are heavily discouraged but if it happens it should be FIVE years after they stopped being a client." kulundi
"I'm another therapist chiming in to say please report her, her behavior is so far from professional/ethical/acceptable that I don't know how she made it out of graduate school."
"You went to her for support but instead, you got a romantic rival." rbaltimore


"I'm a therapist- report it immediately. Highly unethical and could mean she is making unethical and unhealthy choices with other clients." Goofball412a
"If she has dated one client, she may have dated others, and that calls into question her ability to do her job if she takes interest in a client who is still in a relationship." DrKomeil
"There's a very good chance that someone that you went to for counseling took advantage of your vulnerabilities and used them to manipulate you for her own gain."
"So I'd say go for it and report that sh*t high and wide." TheDreadPirateJeff
"The woman used her power to manipulate you and the situation for her own personal gain.
"Not only did she enable your breakup with the ex (which was clearly for the better), she also tried to make you believe you were immature, not ready for therapy (who isn't ready for therapy?!) and who knows what else to mess with your head." chinchilla0033

Not all responses were so delicate.

"Don't thank the Universe, thank that therapist, actually." KaiserCoeur
"I apologize in advance for shouting but..."

Twitter was also full of responses after it was reposted.

One person even fully empathized with her situation.

"My marriage counselor and my now ex-husband pulled this sh*t. I reported her. She lost her license."
"Some therapists need to find another line of work." Minkiemink

So, if the onslaught of unanimous internet advice means anything to lemonadedays, this therapist is about to get some discipline.