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Former Cop Explains Why He Quit The Force After Just 10 Days In Eye-Opening Twitter Thread

Former Cop Explains Why He Quit The Force After Just 10 Days In Eye-Opening Twitter Thread

A viral Twitter thread from a former police officer is giving eye-opening new insight into America's epidemic of police brutality.

In the thread, Justin Brown-Woods, a sixth-grade teacher in California, described his 10 day tenure as a police officer and the things he experienced that made him leave the force so quickly.

The thread gives a fairly bracing look into the tactics used by police and their attitude toward civilians.

Brown-Woods explains in his thread that his motivation for joining the force was a desire to help children in the system.

He wrote:

"I thought I would actually be able to help some kids before it got too bad... I thought 'hmmm maybe I can truly help people by being a cop.'"

But Brown-Woods says he noticed almost immediately upon his entry into the police academy that the police force's practices seemed less than ethical, and at times outright dishonest.

This included officers entrapping people and celebrating the pettiest crimes they'd been able to falsely pin on people.

Brown-Woods went on to recount his first day on the force as an actual cop, on which he was actually counseled to be violent and was threatened by another cop.

Brown-Woods wrote:

"Day 1 we’re working on being violent. How do I know?"
"The trainer told us 'every action has a more violent reaction.'"
"Whew…Okie dokie."

Brown-Woods' thread goes on to describe all sorts of disturbing incidents, including racist comments and transphobic abuse.

In the end, it was an act of astonishing cruelty that made Brown-Woods quit on just his seventh day of active duty, in which his fellow officers openly mocked a distressed woman with misogynistic abuse.

Brown-woods finished his thread by describing how much better teaching is than being a police officer, especially given his goals of helping kids.

He wrote:

"I... realized how much better being a teacher is. I actually do impact and change lives for the better. It was everything I wanted."

On Twitter, Brown-Woods' thread left many angry and dismayed.

And many weren't a bit surprised by Brown-Woods' story given their own experiences with cops and America's extensive issues with policing and police brutality.

In a follow-up tweet, Brown-Woods added that he met many who were trying to improve the police force from within.

Here's hoping the good cops one day win out.