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Florida Teen Films Teacher Claiming Slaves Weren't Whipped And N-Word 'Just Means Ignorant'

Florida Teen Films Teacher Claiming Slaves Weren't Whipped And N-Word 'Just Means Ignorant'

An unnamed Florida high school teacher was placed under investigation after he was heard gaslighting students about his version of the history of slavery and the use of the n-word.

According to International Business Times, the TikTok footage was filmed by an African American student named Hector, who goes by @elnegrosabrosoo and attends Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida.

In the video shot in selfie mode, the unseen AP government teacher was heard claiming that Black slaves were not whipped by White people.

Hector laughed at the claim, which prompted the teacher to threaten to kick the student out of the class.

After insisting they have an "honest conversation," the teacher went on to equate the n-word to "being ignorant."

"It doesn't have any other meaning in any other vocabulary other than 'You are a stupid person. You are not well read. You are not well-educated.' That's what it means."

The TikTok video was shared on Twitter by @davenewworld_2, which you can see below.

The n-word is defined as an offensive term on Merriam-Webster and is "used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a Black person" and "for a member of any dark-skinned race."

Twitter users took issue with the teacher in the video giving contradicting definitions of the racial slur.

The high school posted a tweet to announce an investigation was underway.

It read:

"Thank you for the information we are aware and it is currently under investigation."

But many on Twitter suggested the video was evidence enough for the teacher's dismissal.

According to Merriam-Webster, the belief that the n-word ever referred to "an ignorant person" is fallacious.

"There is a widespread belief that the original meaning of nigger, as defined in dictionaries, was 'an ignorant person,' and a related belief that current dictionary definitions describing its use as a hateful, racist epithet are a recent change."
"We do not know the source of those beliefs, but they are not accurate."
"The word was first included in a Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1864, at which time it was defined as a synonym of Negro, with a note indicating that it was used 'in derision or depreciation.'"

The American company added the slur's meaning has never applied to "an ignorant person" in any previous or subsequent dictionary they published.