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Florida Swimmer Roasted For Looking Like 'Hellboy' After His Horrific Sunburn Inadvertently Goes Viral

@ABC/Twitter; @anylaurie16/Twitter

Move over, Ron Perlman, you've been usurped: There's a new Hellboy in Florida, and he's breaking the internet.

A man who briefly appeared in a news clip about stingrays in St. Petersburg, Florida completely stole the show from the giant fish when his positively incandescent--and frankly horrifying--sunburn upstaged them.

The video, posted by ABC News on July 9, is meant to show a spectacular natural phenomenon: enormous stingrays casually swimming past beachgoers, who don't even notice the stingrays are there.

And it is spectacular--until the 0:18 mark when a glowing red ember in the shape of a man appears in the bottom right corner.

What color would you even call him? Crimson isn't quite right... Magenta? Fuschia?

In any case, the man has surely disintegrated into ashes in the week since ABC first posted the video, but that hasn't stopped the internet from--well, roasting him, not that he needs anything to do with any source of heat whatsoever, ever again for the rest of time.

There were several comparisons to Hellboy, the deep-red, half-demon, half-human character created by Dark Horse Comics in 1993. In addition to comics, Hellboy has been immortalized in three films, two fo them starring Ron Perlman in the title role, and the most recent, in 2019, starring Stranger Things star David Harbour.

And it's tough to argue that the sunburned gent's barrel-chest physique and buffalo-chicken-wing hue do rather favor the classic comic book character.

In any case, the internet's burns have been almost as bad as the sun's for this crispy-fried beachgoer!

Let this serve as a reminder that a bottle of sunblock will run you about $3.00 at your local drugstore. Learn from Hellboy's mistakes!