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People Are Googling 'Florida Man' And Their Birthdays, And The Results Are As Insane As You'd Expect

The old zodiac signs are so played out—they've been around for hundreds of years, and it's time for something new! Fortunately, Twitter user @g_pratimaaa has come up with a way to determine your new and improved zodiac marker. Simply type "Florida man" and your birthday into Google and whatever comes up represents you at a cosmic level!

The results were entertaining to say the least...

Many preferred their Florida man stories to their original zodiac sign.

Apparently there are a lot of naked people in Florida...

Are these people villains or heroes?

Sometimes, you've just got to striptease.

If only we all had this level of confidence:

Of course, not all of the headlines were so embarrassing...

...but most of them were.

If you've discovered your Florida man headline, you're already well on your way to complete self-understanding. Your birthday says many things you've probably never even realized!

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