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Video Captures Family's Boat Sinking Due To Wake Caused By Pro-Trump Boat Parade In Portland


A recent online video captured the harrowing moments when a family's boat sank during a "Trump boat parade" held in Portland's Willamette River.

As the video illustrated, the parade appeared to produce rather large waves in the moments leading up to the boat's capsizing.

Ultimately, the boat owner was not able to maintain control of the boat in those conditions.

KGW8 has reported that river patrol deputies from the Multnomah County Sheriff's responded to a call when the incident took place. When they arrived, however, the group had already been picked up by nearby boaters.

KGW8 went on to state that the family—of which no members were hurt—was not participating in the wave-producing parade.

In response to the video, the internet launched in all kinds of directions.

Some were appalled at what they felt was reckless behavior on the part of the Trump supporters in the parade.

Some criticisms of the parade came from others who were there on the water that day.

Others, though, cast doubt on the theory that the parade caused the boat to sink.

They instead threw blame on the sinking boat's captain.

That life jacket PSA was a common response.

An incident like this—along with the online commentary about it—exemplified a well-known truth about the current state of the USA. Everything can be politicized.

In this case, it was a sinking boat.