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Ex-Federal Prosecutor Calls Eric Trump 'Incredibly Dumb' For Saying 'We Are Prosecuting You' To New York AG

Ex-Federal Prosecutor Calls Eric Trump 'Incredibly Dumb' For Saying 'We Are Prosecuting You' To New York AG
Drew Angerer/Getty Images; David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

Former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski called Eric Trump "incredibly dumb" for threatening to prosecute New York Attorney General Letitia James over the ongoing investigation into whether former President Donald Trump and his family committed financial crimes.

Filipkowski said Eric Trump "has been in full panic mode over the NY investigation" as evidenced by his repeated attacks against James.

Remarking on the younger Trump son's claim the family would be "prosecuting" her, Filipkowski said their "ridiculous lawsuit" would eventually be tossed.

Eric Trump does not have evidence of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of James, though he did share a highly-edited video showing James pledging to investigate former President Trump while on the campaign trail, a legitimate pledge.

While a person may have the ability to sue a prosecutor in civil court for malicious prosecution, the bar for whether prosecutors acted unethically is rather high. Eric Trump would have to prove that James filed a frivolous charge, and that he and his family suffered some type of damages.

His threat against James comes after James accused the Trump family business of enaging in “fraudulent or misleading” practices by misrepresenting the value of its assets, which came scarcely a week after he called her office's investigation "unconstitutional."

Many have echoed Filipkowski's assessment and criticized Eric Trump for his remarks.

Last week, Eric Trump called James's office's investigation into the Trump family business "unconstitutional" during an appearance on Fox News.

Referring to James as the "most unethical prosecutor in the history of the United States," he accused her of launching a political smear campaign against his father.

Former President Trump sued James himself last month, arguing that her investigation violates his constitutional rights.

His lawsuit claims that James' investigation is "in no way connected to legitimate law enforcement goals, but rather, are merely a thinly-veiled effort to publicly malign" him and his associates. Trump insisted that her investigation is motivated by "political animus."

James's filing marks the first time that her office has leveled specific accusations against the Trumps, highlighting details that the family's assets were “generally inflated as part of a pattern to suggest that Mr. Trump’s net worth was higher than it otherwise would have appeared" to lenders, insurers and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).