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Emma Thompson Explains Why She Hasn't Really Gone Back To Watch 'Love Actually'

The Oscar winner told Jimmy Fallon she isn't so fond of looking back on the beloved 2003 romcom.

Emma Thompson Explains Why She Hasn't Really Gone Back To Watch 'Love Actually'
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Watching Love Actually again this time of year is a tradition for many people.

But the popular holiday rom com will not be rewatched by Emma Thompson, who starred in the 2003 film.

Her reasoning has nothing to do with jokes that haven't aged well or the glaring lack of diversity in its casting as regretably pointed out recently by the movie's director Richard Curtis.

When Thompson–who can be seen in the upcoming film adaptation of the musical, Matilda, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon–the show's host immediately gushed about her heartbreaking performance in a scene from LoveActually and asked if the actress ever rewatches the movie.

Without hesitation, Thompson answered:

“No! It was 20 years ago."

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The scene Fallon mentioned referred to the poignant moment when Thompson's character Karen goes through an emotional breakdown in private after receiving a Joni Mitchell CD as a present from her husband Harry–played by the late Alan Rickman–instead of the gold necklace she found earlier in his coat that is clearly meant for someone else.

Fallon acknowledged her response to not wanting to watch the film again but prodded her further by saying:

“But isn’t it kind of fun to put it on and go, ‘Oh, I remember where we were when we were doing that?’”

Thompson replied:

“Not really. You just think… I don’t think I was very well paid for that, and that was that terrible trailer with the loo that really stank… these are the things that you remember.”

Meanwhile, fans keep revisiting that devastating scene.

When Fallon remarked she must receive a lot of Joni Mitchell CDs from fans over the years, she quipped:

“I have a separate house for those."

Love Actually is celebrating its 20th anniversary and a retrospective look at the film was featured on an ABC special with Diane Sawyer, The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later.

Curtis appeared on the special and admitted the Christmas staple was outdated when it came to representation.

The director told Sawyer:

"The lack of diversity makes me feel uncomfortable and a bit stupid."