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Driver Suggests Using Seat Warmer to Keep Your Fast Food Warm

Driver Suggests Using Seat Warmer to Keep Your Fast Food Warm

A Twitter user shared a method to keeping your fast food dinners warm in transit from the drive-through window to the dinner table––because no one wants a tepid burger coated with congealed cheddar.

Microwaving your fast food will make your burger and fries a soggy mess, and using the oven is counter-productive for indulging in "fast food."

Eric (whose Twitter handle is @canceric) came up with a simple solution when he picked up his dinner from McDonald's. He enabled a function in his car that not all drivers necessarily have the luxury of using: The seat warmer.

Eric tweeted, "I hope every person who ever thought I would fail sees this."

He posted a pic of the function everyone's car should be equipped with. Can you identify the symbol on the button?

He took a picture of the bagged dinner kept warm on the passenger seat, courtesy of his Mazda CX-5. Easy breezy. I'm lovin' it!

The tweet went viral, garnering more than 17,000 retweets and 57,000 likes.

There were many on Twitter who dubbed Eric a genius for his simple hack.




But not everyone has the luxury of the seat warmer.

The innovation of Mazda's seat warmer amenity itself generated some praise, with Twitter users saying, "I recently got the 2017 Mazda3 - best choice I made for a while. Butt-warmers changed my life" and "[sic] Jus got the 2017.5 Mazda 6 Touring,, I love my baby!!" Suddenly, the thread turned into a commercial for Mazda.


There are variations to Eric's method: for example, just placing your bag on the floor of your car and blasting the heater will yield similar results.

You could also use your car's cooling system to chill your ice cream.

Eric also solved––unwittingly, we should add––the mystery of the seat warmer button's function. One user was enlightened.


"Bro you never thought to just press it? lmao," Eric asked, engaging with the user. "I knew what it did but the graphic never made any sense to me I’m just realizing it’s a chair lmao," was the user's response.

(Why would a car have a hockey stick function, though? Does that make sense?)

Others chimed in on the thread, which took a bit of a weird turn as users commented on the graphic which had previously befuddled them.

Despite the convenience of Eric's revelation, and despite the number of people who will benefit from this charming little life hack, there is one drawback.


Or is it the other way around? You can have it your way.

Nothing's perfect.

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