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Trump Is Getting Dragged With Memes After Complaining That He Got Impeached For 'Making The Perfect Phone Call'

On Thursday, January 16, the U.S. Senators who will be acting as the jury in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial were sworn in before Justice John Roberts, who will act as the judge.

In response, President Trump tweeted out an all-caps message so insane Twitter couldn't help but make fun of it.

The President was a couple weeks late in realizing he'd been impeached, since that happened on December 18, but someone finally clued him in apparently.

Over 4 weeks after his impeachment, Trump posted:

Of course, Trump wasn't impeached for making a phone call.

He was impeached for abuse of power for extorting a foreign government by withholding congressionally approved and appropriated financial aid to Ukraine in exchange for political favors and also for obstructing Congress's efforts to investigate that crime.

But that doesn't make Trump's unhinged tweet any less fun to meme.

Phone references abounded all over the internet.

There haven't been many perfect phone calls.

Twitter users pointed out what they looked like to President Trump.

Movie references were especially popular amongst the jokesters.

It seems the only people who have ever had perfect phone calls are children.

Many pointed out that in real life the perfect phone call is one that never happens.

Be careful not to make a perfect phone call, or you might be impeached too.