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Doctor Featured In Trump's Bonkers 'Propaganda' Video Speaks Out After Internet Backlash

Doctor Featured In Trump's Bonkers 'Propaganda' Video Speaks Out After Internet Backlash
Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump shocked reporters and Americans across the country when he used his Monday afternoon press briefing to air what many describe as a campaign-like propaganda video about his response to the global pandemic that's upended daily life in the United States.

The video wasn't aimed at providing potentially lifesaving information regarding the virus, nor did it give any updates on the progress of slowing its spread.

The video was solely to vindicate Trump for his bungled response to the pandemic.

Watch the ad below.

One of the clips used in the video featured Dr. David Agus in a February interview predicting that the virus would not be a "major issue" in the United States.

With that prediction proving to be dead wrong, Dr. Agus took to Twitter to defend himself.

Agus said he'd assumed the United States would have a functional and efficient testing arsenal soon enough to gauge the prevalence of the virus throughout the country. That didn't happen.

He thought the Trump administration would surely heed the warnings and advice of the country's top medical experts.


Agus said he was wrong to take these for granted and that it resulted in a prediction that was incorrect.

People commended him.

Agus wasn't the only person featured in the video who commented on their cameo in Trump's propaganda.

There was a lot of fact checking to counteract the deceptive video.

The concentrated effort to deceive the country is disturbing to say the least.

Nearly 25 thousand Americans are dead. Now is the time to share information and facts, not spin and lie.

The book Propaganda is available here.