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Donald Trump Blocked A 'Cat' On Twitter—And We've Hit A New Low 😹

Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Twitter: @BitchestheCat

Poor kitty, unloved by the orange man himself. And no, we're not exaggerating--Donald Trump ACTUALLY went as far as to block a cat on Twitter.

Will this be what we remember about this Presidency?

Donald Trump has reportedly blocked @BitchestheCat after a series of joking tweets told from the point of view of a cat over the course of several months.

Honestly, this IS probably how a cat would talk through social media.

And the cat has been tweeting at him since he announced his run for President.

Meow, meow.

Is the public surprised that Trump's fragile ego blocked a cat?

No one is surprised even a little bit.

And what's more, he may be in violation of the US Constitution for doing so: A New York judge in May ruled that the government officials' accounts are public forums, thereby blocking users is a violation of the first amendment right to free speech.

So can we impeach him for blocking the cat?

H/T: Indy100, CNBC