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Don Jr. Roasted After Announcing He's Entering The News Aggregation Market With New App

Don Jr. Roasted After Announcing He's Entering The News Aggregation Market With New App
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

It seems like everyone has to be a technology disruptor these days. And apparently Donald Trump Jr. is hopping on that bandwagon.

Donald Trump Jr. is trying to break into the news business with a news aggregator app called MxM News. He and a number of former Trump staffers are on the founding team.

Apparently the name Alternative Facts was already taken.

The founders claim the app will present views across the political spectrum, but they also said they were motivated to create it because they observed bias against conservative news sources on other news aggregator websites.

According to Axios, Trump Jr. envisions the platform to fill a gap in conservative-leaning news coverage delivered to mobile devices and to pick up where The Drudge Report had once held dominance in right-wing online news.

For now, the app will only aggregate news and its eight staffers will not create original content. Though, the founders did mention they may begin charging for premium content following the rollout of the application.

MxM stands for "minute by minute." The app was designed by Telegraph Creative whose CEO, Cliff Sims, is a former Trump staffer.

The tagline for the app is "mainstream news without mainstream bias." However, the founders have also said they expect early adoption to be highest amongst center-right audiences.

While early PR for MxM News has made a lot of claims about being truly "mainstream media" and presenting a wide array of viewpoints, folks on the internet are already skeptical.

A few people questioned the trustworthiness of news found on MxM, given the founders' history with facts.

One person thought maybe "news aggregate" was not the correct term.

This person chose not to roast Trump Jr.

Instead they pointed out just how alarming it is for a former politician's family to start a news site.

Lke father like son.

Many seem to think Don Jr.'s new project will meet the same lackluster fate as his father's internet venture, Truth Social.

One of the biggest things Twitter users are roasting Trump Jr. for is his notion his app will compete with either Google or Apple News apps—both of which are pre-installed on most smart phones.

"Tired of Apple and Big Tech?" he tweeted, encouraging users to try his app instead.

One user pointed out the very obvious irony in the above tweet.

A fun twist to this story?

MxM is already struggling to establish its brand, trademark and place on search engine listings because it shares its name with K-Pop group MXM.

Guess Don Jr. should have done some Googling before he picked a name.

Time will only tell what the roll out will look like for MxM News.

But given the fate of many of the Trump family businesses, it may be a rocky road ahead.