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Don Jr. Roasted After His Attempt To Brag About Dad's New Social Media Site Is An Instant Self-Own

Don Jr. Roasted After His Attempt To Brag About Dad's New Social Media Site Is An Instant Self-Own
Sergio Flores/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Frequently bankrupt businessman and former Republican President Donald Trump has recently launched yet another bespoke social media platform, an app called Truth Social that seems poised to be as roaring a success as his first faceplant of an attempt at his own social media platform last year.

Naturally, since Trump is banned from every legitimate social media platform for life, he's enlisted his eldest failson Donald Trump Jr. to promote Truth Social for him.

Big mistake. Trump Jr. took to Twitter yesterday to brag about his daddy's new vanity project, and as per usual turned the thing into a massive self-own instead--which at this point is kind of his specialty.

Take a look at Jr.'s unfortunate tweet below and see if you can spot the hilariously sad details that have the internet roasting him to a crisp.

Along with the very impassioned caption "Time for some Truth!!!," Trump Jr. included a screenshot of Donald Trump's first post on Truth Social, which read:

"Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!"

Standard self-aggrandizing Trumpian boilerplate, right? But a look at the finer details reveals a different picture. First of all, the layout of the post is so visually identical to Twitter it will almost surely result in a lawsuit.

But even more hilarious are the post's time-stamp and number of likes, which show that Trump's big launch only racked up 49 likes in 24 hours. "Your favorite President," eh? LOL okay, Mr. Trump!

It was just the latest gaffe in the launch of Truth Social, with has been besieged with foibles including a large-scale hack--which hilariously included Trump's own account--within hours of its being announced last October.

And of course, Twitter came in hot with the roasts.

Anyway, Truth Social is under investigation by the SEC, and as a result, short-sellers, the financial investors who bet on a stock or company failing, are flocking to its eponymous parent company Trump Media.

We wish Mr. Trump the best of luck in this exciting new endeavor!