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Dog Show Judge Makes Little Girl With Autism's Day By Letting Her Show Her Stuffed Animal Dog

Dog Show Judge Makes Little Girl With Autism's Day By Letting Her Show Her Stuffed Animal Dog

If there's one thing we love to see go viral online, it's cute videos.

Especially when they involve the kindness of a stranger.

The subReddit "aww" is where you go when you need a dose of something cute. Very useful.

Redditor hiimcoleman shared a video of a dog show judge making a little girl with autism feel included.

from aww

The judge inspects the stuffed dog like it's really in the show. He then instructs the girl to run the dog around the showing area.

It's adorable how her face lights up at the thought that her dog is just like all the others.

The inclusion was simple and obviously made her day.

"As a human with autism I can say this does no end for another's self-valuation and I agree, we need more people like this! Thanks for sharing!" - sergeikat
"Seriously brought a smile to my face this morning. Thank you to the poster and to the people in the video for sharing the moment!" - niftyifty
"I really, really, REALLY need to learn to be more kind.That's a good dude there. Be like the good dude.I liked everyone in this video, including the little toy dog." - BitOCrumpet
"That is a gentleman with a wonderful heart β€οΈπŸΎπŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸΎπŸ’™" - biggi-

At the end of the run, the judge stretches out his arms, offering the girl a hug. What's most impressive is that he is very respectful, letting her choose whether or not to return the hug.

Everything in the video just works to pull at your heart strings.

The video is so popular, it's been shared to other social media platforms.

It's nice to take some time to have a little bit of levity. With all the horrible things you hear about in the world, taking the time to watch a young child have a great day is an act of self-care.

Even so, it's still sometimes fun to make a few jokes.

Nothing mean, but there's even more levity to be found with some laughs.

"this was great, but i also found it hilarious to see the fake dog tumbling around." - imanAholebutimfunny
"I was tearing up because of the awwww and then laughing at that poor stuffy bouncing around like a rag doll." - restingbitchlyfe
"We can all be like him if we try" - hiimcoleman

"Not me. I look terrible in that shade of pink" - HauschkasFoott
"well trained dog" - young_yeehaw1
"The doggo couldn't keep up, imma have to give it a 7/10" - HMS-Fizz