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Poor Pooch Happy To Be Rescued After Falling Down Steep Beachside Cliff

Jimmy the dog had to be rescued from a ledge on a cliff in Australia (Victoria Country Fire Authority/AP)

A dog had to be rescued from a steep cliff in Australia after becoming stranded halfway down.

The video footage taken by the Australian rescue teams who saved the pet, named Jimmy, shows him stuck on a ledge above the sea at Bells Beach in Victoria on Sunday. And, it had the internet holding its breath.

Victoria Country Fire Authority (VCFA) secured a harness to the top of the cliff and then used ropes to reach the stranded animal.

“I think the dog was pretty happy to be brought over the edge by our crews," VCFA commander Mark Sinkinson said. “It was quite happy, wagging its tail, and very keen to get in the litter and be brought out."

And, the internet was so happy.

And, everyone is so grateful for the humans who helped this pup back to safety.

We are all relieved!

And, although we still don't know how the pup got there, Jimmy was then reunited with his owner, who was delighted to have him back.