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Dog the Bounty Hunter Came For Dylan Mulvaney In The Vilest Way

The reality show star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, made the disturbing comments about Mulvaney's controversial partnership with Bud Light during a recent Facebook Live video.

Dog the Bounty Hunter
BG022/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It's been three months since trans activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney's 49-second Instagram ad for Bud Light launched, but conservatives and Evangelical Christians are still more triggered about it than they've ever been about anything.

The newest right-winger to join the chorus?

Controversial reality TV celebrity and self-professed devout Christian Dog the Bounty Hunter put in his august two cents about the matter during a recent Facebook Live with minister and self-proclaimed prophet Sharell Barrera.

In his comments, Dog—whose real name is Duane Chapman—threatened to give Mulvaney "two black eyes" among other charming bits of repartee, as seen below.

Chapman and his late wife Beth and new wife Francie are die-hard Evangelical Christians.

Chapman and his fifth wife spent their time with Barrera talking about how the Christian church has somehow resulted in everyone being gay and trans, or something.

The father of 12 told Barrera:

“For many, many years, these holy rollers have done just that: rolled around."
"You see where they’ve got us now. They’ve got kids changing their sexuality.”
“We have to stop all that, rebuke them. Two ways to rebuke: in Jesus’ name and then physically.”

Chapman's basis for hating LGBTQ+ people is that "Jesus was not a sissy," which is... well, up for debate to be quite frank.

Anyway, Chapman went on to contend "the people playing church all led to Bud Light," though he didn't explain how, before going on to threaten Mulvaney with physical violence, just as Jesus would have, while misgendering her, of course.

The devout Christian told Barrera:

“Get that punk down, rebuke Satan out of him and just give him a couple black eyes."
"If I ever see him, I’m dropping him."

Chapman—a convicted felon who participated in a murder related to drug trafficking—didn't stop there, however.

He also made a thinly veiled call for LGBTQ+ to be round up and shot, saying they need "Jesus’s blood and shotgun shells." Again, as Jesus would have done.

On social media, many people were repulsed by Chapman's words.

Chapman drew criticism previously for his use of racial slurs.

He has been estranged from several of his 12 children over his racism and other actions.