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Did You Know Crocs Have A 'Sports Mode'? Yeah, Neither Did We.

Did You Know Crocs Have A 'Sports Mode'? Yeah, Neither Did We.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images, @HeyItsHigbe/Twitter

Crocs lovers swear by the comfort of traipsing around in the footwear they deem is for all occasions.

Of course, some beg to differ. The plastic clogs with a clumsy aesthetic is not for everyone as most people wouldn't be caught dead in them. However, the footwear originally conceived as boating shoes are doing something right.

Since emerging in 2002, over 300 million pairs of Crocs have been sold.

The shoes are indisputably comfortable and became recommended by the U.S. Ergonomics company 2005 and accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association in 2009.

But have you ever wondered why your heel was swimming around in those Crocs of yours? That's because your feet were never properly secured, and it had nothing to do with wearing the wrong size.

After 17 years, owners of Crocs are discovering an often overlooked, built-in feature, and it blew Alyssa Marie's mind enough to share on Twitter..

On Tuesday, Alyssa tweeted, "Tell me why we were running and taliah said "I CANT KEEP UP!!! MY CROCS ARE NOT ON SPORTS MODE!!!"

All was revealed. Crocs come with two modes of comfort: relaxed mode and sports mode.

The relaxed mode allows wearers to slip into Crocs just as easily as they can kick them off.


Sports mode is for those who walk with purpose, ensuring the Crocs will remain secure even if you're running away from the ball at the stroke of midnight.


The discovery inspired plenty of comments and memes.

Call it what you want.

Not sure how to work the straps between modes? Fear not! Enjoy these instructional videos.

Crocs have so much versatility now with this new function.

There are many uses for the straps.

Nobody can come between a person and their Crocs.

Crocs founder Scott Seamans was inspired by lightweight spa shoes in Canada that were super comfy and resistant to odors due to its closed-cell resin composition.

Seamans took the concept further by slapping on a strap and gave birth to one of the most garish, yet extremely comfortable and most popular footwear in the world.

Ugly, however, is in the eye of the beholder, right? After all, GQ claimed that, "Everything ugly is cool these days, from oversized jeans to gaudy logos, and Crocs are maybe the purest form of this new wave."

Just ask Shia LaBeouf, Jared Leto, and even renowned chef Mario Batali, who've been spotted wearing them. Drew Barrymore and former WWE wrestler John Cena also endorse them as they became brand ambassadors for Crocs's 2017 spring season.

If the shoe fits, wear it, I suppose. I'm fine with sacrificing comfort.