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Dee Wallace's Daughter Called Out For Having A Baby 'Late In Age'—And She Just Clapped Back Hard

Gabrielle Stone, who recently went viral on TikTok with her clever way of announcing her pregnancy to her husband, had a blunt message for critics telling her she's too old to have kids.

Dee Wallace and Gabrielle Stone
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Author, actor, dancer and director Gabrielle Stone clapped back at critics telling her she's too old to have kids.

Stone, the daughter of E.T. mom Dee Wallace, recently went viral on TikTok after cleverly announcing her pregnancy to her husband.

In her video, the Eat, Pray, #FML author revealed to TikTok she had just found out she was pregnant only 20 minutes before her husband was to return home, so she quickly thought of a way to share the news with him by faking a TikTok trend.

You can watch the reveal below.

WARNING: NSFW language


I had found out 20 minutes before he got home on a test I was sure would be negative…didn’t have time for a cute set-up so here we are…🤣👶🏼🥳 #werehavingababy #pregnancyreveal

She told her husband Taymour Ghazi they were going to try a new trend in which she would spell out words quickly and he would say them.

After a few rounds of success, with Ghazi correctly decoding "I love you" and "The grass is green," Stone spelled out, "We are having a baby."

After Ghazi said the sentence aloud, he excitedly repeated it and expressed his joy.

While most shared their excitement for the couple, there were a few—as there always seem to be—who had some negative words about the pair's age.

One user, @Theresa, wrote:

"Yikes! I couldn't have a baby late in age."
"Good luck, y'all. I'll watch you from afar! 😁"

Another user commented:

"how are y'all at 50 having a baby."

Well, Stone wasn't standing for that.

She addressed critics of her happy news in a follow-up video captioned:

"... think before you type people."

In the video, Stone acknowledged all the wonderful and celebratory comments but also called out trolls by beginning:

"Let me just say, Theresa, my older husband woke me up with a fantastic orgasm this morning and a latte that was brought to me in bed."
"How's your younger lad treating ya?"


She continued:

"But besides the point, I'm 34!"
"Like, when is that late in age to have a baby?"

Stone also displayed pictures of her mother—who gave birth to her when she was 40—after trying for six years to get pregnant.

She finished:

"Anyway, this video is really just to say kids come when they are supposed to, no matter what age you choose to start that journey at."
"And if you're one of those random strangers on the internet with no profile photo and five followers that feels the need to comment on women's bodies and ages..."
"Shut the f**k up."

Watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Viewers agreed with her stance, many sharing similar experiences.






Others who had children earlier in life expressed the struggles they faced having kids young.




Noticeably missing from the comments were more ageist remarks.

Well done, Gabrielle.