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Conservatives Rage Over Single, Childfree Woman Explaining What She Does On Weekends

TikToker Julia Mazur called out the vitriol and death threats she received after rightwing podcaster Matt Walsh ridiculed her on X.

Matt Walsh; Julia Mazur
@MattWalshShow/Twitter; @pmdpod/TikTok

Prepare to be outraged because... a childless woman enjoys her life?

Tweet warrior and podcaster Matt Walsh expressed his disgust over TikToker Julia Mazur who explained in one of her creations what she does on a weekend as a single, childless woman.

The nerve of her.

In the video, Mazur revealed she didn't get out of bed until 10:15 after going hard at a Beyoncé concert the night before. She explained that she scrolled her phone for a bit and decided to try a shakshuka recipe she saw on her feed and also disclosed her plans for the rest of the day: rewatching some of her favorite TV shows.

At the end of her video, though, Mazur summed up her motive.

“I say all this to say, whenever I’m hard on myself about why I’m not married and I don’t have kids and I should be further along at 29 — almost 30 — I wouldn’t want to do anything else this Saturday."
“The effortlessness and ease of my life, just kind of focusing on myself and the shakshuka I want to make or the Beyoncé concert I want to go to, really pays off when I’m hard on myself for not being where society tells me I should be in life.”

Well, uber-conservative Walsh was livid over Mazur's pleasure in life.

He tweeted the "depressing" TikTok along with the caption:

"Her life doesn’t revolve around her family and kids so instead it revolves around TV shows and pop stars. Worst of all she’s too stupid to realize how depressing this is."

Ummm, she literally just explained how happy she is.

And he didn't stop there.

Walsh also added:

"If you don't have a family at least do something interesting with your time."

Like attack people on social media?

"These people have absurd amounts of free time and they do absolutely nothing with it."
"Wasting their lives staring at little glowing boxes. Absolutely soul crushing."

And, of course, his sheep echoed his disapproval.

Thankfully, however, much of the internet did not agree with Walsh's views.

After enduring online bullying that included both death and rape threats (what?!), Mazur posted a follow-up video explaining that she creates videos for women like herself who feel guilt and anxiety from being childless in a society that expects women to marry and bear children.


Getting bullied on social media was definitely not on my bingo card this year. #childlessmillennial #childlessbychoice #singleinyour30s

To quote the creator:

“Life’s too short to be living life figuring out what Matt Walsh wants us to do."