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New Trailer For DC's 'Titans' Series Is Raising Eyebrows Due To A One-Liner From Robin 😮

New Trailer For DC's 'Titans' Series Is Raising Eyebrows Due To A One-Liner From Robin 😮
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Titans, a darker take on the animated Teen Titans, debuted its trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

But fans were apprehensive about embracing the dark tone of the show, especially with its more violent incarnation of Batman's loyal Boy Wonder. It took one line from Robin's lips in the surprisingly violent trailer to shatter all previous notions associated with the affable character.

When Robin makes his thunderous entrance in the trailer crashing down onto a car in a darkened alley, a menacing thug asks, "Where's Batman?"

But before Robin answers the question, we see him unleash his fury like never before by showering the gang with bullets, stabbing one of them with a sharp object, and crushing a thug's neck by using him as a step ladder.

"F***k, Batman," he replies, with intense animus in his eyes.

Just, wow.

The line received very mixed reactions from the DC fan community.

Others were all for Robin dropping the F-bomb.

Some were quick to remind fellow fans that there was always an underlying tension between the Dark Knight and his junior counterpart.

Robin's resentment was justified.

But Batman would have none of that nonsense.

Still, it's a highly anticipated series and the majority are willing to give it a chance.

While it will be a departure from the tone of Teen Titans Go!, the new Titans aims to latch onto the realistic, tortured superhero model that made shows like the CW's Arrow more compelling.

Titans will be a part of a new slate of superhero shows to debut when the DC Universe streaming service debuts this fall.

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