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Georgia GOP Senator Called Out For Racism After Mocking Kamala Harris' Name At Trump Rally

Ethan Miller/Getty Images; ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

During a recent Trump rally in in Georgia, Republican Senator David Perdue created a controversy by mockingly mispronouncing Vice Presidential Kamala Harris's name.

The incident, which was widely condemned as racist, was quickly pounced upon by Perdue's opponent in the upcoming Senatorial elections, Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The moment went viral on Twitter, where it sparked the hashtag #MyNameIs.

Twitter made their feelings about Perdue's comments clear by sharing stories of their own names.

Meanwhile, Perdue was attacked by almost everyone online.

Perdue, who has served in the Senate for four years with Kamala Harris, almost definitely knows exactly how to say her name.

For many online, this incident offered yet another reason to vote for Jon Ossoff.

America deserves Senators who don't resort to petty racism to egg on crowds during rallies.