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Dave Chappelle Steps Up Big For Couple Who Got Scammed Out Of Tickets For His Show

Dave Chappelle Steps Up Big For Couple Who Got Scammed Out Of Tickets For His Show

Comedian Dave Chapelle was watching the local CBS news as he toured through North Carolina when he saw something that shocked him: a couple had been scammed out of $500 trying to buy tickets to HIS show. Chapelle contacted the news station, CBS affiliate WBTV, right away, knowing he had to make things right.

Deidra Dickens had purchased four tickets to Chapelle's show from a Craigslist vendor who ghosted her after she sent them the funds.

Believing the money was simply gone, Dickens told the story to WBTV but asked not to be identified by name.

Chapelle reached out to the news station, saying he wanted to make things right for the Dickens family. The station then reached out to Deidra, telling her an "anonymous viewer" had hooked them up with four new tickets to the show, along with a dinner at the nearby Omni Charlotte Hotel.

Later that night, as Deidra and her family ate dinner, Chapelle himself arrived to deliver their tickets.

Fortunately, he brought along the local news station's cameras to capture the adorable moment.

Sitting down to get to know the Dickenses, Chapelle offered some advice:

"Always get your tickets from reliable sources."

The comedian told WBTV how it felt to help Deidra and her family out:

"It felt good. It felt like I just got to make something that was wrong right."

Deidra later told Buzzfeed News that she and her husband were "still happily reeling from meeting Dave and being able to attend the show."

Twitter's hearts were also warmed by Chapelle's kind gesture:

Thanks for being a king, Dave, we hope to see you soon at an upcoming show!