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Dad Praises His 5-Year-Old Daughter For Saving His Life After She Saw Him Having A Seizure

Dad Praises His 5-Year-Old Daughter For Saving His Life After She Saw Him Having A Seizure
Sam and family (Sam Suriakumar and Brain Tumour Research)

A five-year-old girl has been praised for calling for help after her father experienced a “serious" seizure.

Sam Suriakumar, 34, experienced a seizure brought on by a brain tumor, which he was diagnosed with in February, in his home in the Worcester Park area of Sutton, England.

Avaana Samuel took her three-year-old sister Arya into another room and called her doctor mother Sindhu and other relatives, who dialed 999. She then followed the emergency services' instructions and moved her father into a safe position.

Mr. Suriakumar praised his daughter's quick thinking, adding:

“I am so proud of my girls, particularly Avaana, who literally saved my life."
“She was protective of her little sister and then called for help. Somehow she managed to remain calm and did everything she was told."

(Sam Suriakumar and Brain Tumour Research)

Avaana has been awarded a golden door award for bravery by her school since her “calm" response to her father's medical emergency.

“I was unconscious for around five minutes and, when I came to, I was very confused and disorientated. It wasn't really until I was in the hospital that I realized how serious it had been," Mr. Suriakumar said.

“I was very touched when the paramedics who had been at the house came to see me in A&E … it was very emotional to hear them say how amazed they were by how Avaana remained calm and responded in the way she did when it must have been so frightening for her."

“Although I have been told it looks as if there is swelling around the tumor, the tumor itself doesn't appear to have changed, which is good news."

(Sam Suriakumar and Brain Tumour Research)

The family has raised almost £8,000 (~$10,220) for Brain Tumour Research, the only national charity in the UK singularly focused on finding a cure for brain tumors.

“My diagnosis turned our world upside down and changed things forever," Mr. Suriakumar said.

“My biggest fear when I was told I had a brain tumor was that I would not get time to spend with my wife and our two precious daughters; they are my whole world."

“Making the most of our time is the most important thing for me."

To see Mr. Suriakumar's fundraiser for Brain Tumour Research, visit: