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CrossFit Leaves The Internet Aghast With Cringey 'Queen Elizabeth II'-Themed Tribute Workout

CrossFit Leaves The Internet Aghast With Cringey 'Queen Elizabeth II'-Themed Tribute Workout
Andrew Errington/Getty Images; Kirsty O'Connor-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Seemingly within moments of Queen Elizabeth II's death last week, brands of all kinds jumped on the news with a variety of opportunistic and often strange tributes.

But one brand appears to have taken the cake as far as the internet is concerned: the United Kingdom division of CrossFit.

The fitness method is under fire after posting a "workout of the day," or "WOD" in the craze's parlance, paying tribute to the late Queen.

The cringey tribute was posted to Instagram by @crossfituk and has since been deleted amidst the backlash, but screenshots have circulated on social media. See one below.

At first glance it seems like any other CrossFit workout, but the devil is in the details, as they say, and the details here are... well, bonkers.

The workout was titled simply, "Queen Elizabeth II" and included several of the fitness method's favorite moves, like ring dips and muscle ups. But they were divided into two rounds of six, and six rounds of two, respectively.

Why? Well as @crossfituk's original post explained:

"2/6 and 6/2 in 1952 and 1953 respectively are the dates that 1) Elizabeth succeeded the throne and 2) was officially crowned.

Okay then. The WOD then concludes with "96 double unders," presumably a reference to Queen Elizabeth's age at her death, 96.

But those weren't even the details that had the internet most slack-jawed. It was the rest period in between circuits, composed of a "1 minute rest in silence."

A moment of silence for the Queen amidst your workout? Well, now we've heard everything.

Scores of brands across the UK have posted tributes to the Queen, from the country's largest pizza chain, Pizza Express, to its national weather service, the Met Office.

But for many people on Twitter, CrossFit UK's was definitely the cringiest, and they roasted the workout community to a crisp.

The United Kingdom has declared a period of national mourning to last through the day of the Queen's funeral on September 19.