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Conservative Pundit Gets Ripped To Shreds On Twitter After Calling Lockdown Humanity's 'Greatest Mistake' Ever

Conservative Pundit Gets Ripped To Shreds On Twitter After Calling Lockdown Humanity's 'Greatest Mistake' Ever
Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image

The virus that's caused a global pandemic and upended daily life in the United States has killed nearly 60 thousand Americans and unemployed millions more.

To curb the spread of the highly contagious pathogen, governors across the country have heeded the advice of health experts and ordered their constituents to stay at home while non-essential businesses shutter.

As a result, the spread of the virus has slowed and the predicted death toll has significantly decreased.

But with President Donald Trump's reelection largely hinging on the continuation of the Obama-era economy, his supporters are leaping to see businesses reopen—no matter the human toll. Far-Right pundit Dennis Prager is one of those people.

His eagerness to paint the lockdowns as a form of treachery are facing backlash online.

In a recent tweet from Prager's video channel PragerU, he describes the virus as "the greatest mistake in the history of humanity."

Prager University may masquerade as an educational institution, but apparently it doesn't have that great a grasp at just how expansive the history of humanity is. Given the breadth of our history and subsequently our flawed judgments, "the greatest mistake in the history of humanity" seemed wildly hyperbolic.

The account later attempted to clarify that Prager didn't include deliberate evil among the history of mistakes made by humanity.

But it was too late.

The attempt at clarification didn't help.

We'll stick to the advice of experts.

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