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Woman Becomes Instant Legend With Epic Story About Surprising Her Cheating Husband At The Airport

Woman Becomes Instant Legend With Epic Story About Surprising Her Cheating Husband At The Airport

A woman recently managed to hook the attention of TikTokers with her impromptu, four-part video series outlining the time she confronted her former, cheating husband once and for all.

Why were viewers so intrigued?

Because she did some sleuthing, found out he went on a trip with the other woman, found that other woman's husband and went to the airport to surprise them.

Just imagine that group of four people deep in it at baggage claim.

The TikToker, Tiffany Coates, began with:

"I found out my then husband took his gf to vegas by calling the airline and convincing them to give me the name on the other tix."
"So I found her fb page, contacted her husband and we both met them at baggage claim."

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People were stunned and geared up for part two.

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Coates didn't disappoint when she shared part two—the stakeout.

"When their flight came in we grabbed their luggage to leave them no other choice but to face us."
"While we waited he went in her bag and saw she had been shopping, and gave me all her stuff she bought. We waited on them for an hr...ready for the bs rt before the flight."

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By then viewers were completely hooked.

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In part three, Coates explained the fallout from that baggage claim meet up.

Things got ugly.

"Walking bk to our cars with their luggage cause they had to have seen us before we saw them..."
"This chic runs up starts fighting with him for giving me her these clowns was watching us...this man takes her suitcase opens it and starts throwing all her panties/lingerie over the mf parking garage..."
" here come CPD I'm looking for my mf husband cause I'm ready too..."

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Coates did get revenge later on, but not quite in the way she expected, as part four explained.

"My husband never showed his face at the airport. He hid from me the entire time..."
"He did report me to TSA saying i stole his luggage! I told him and TSA to kiss my a**, i aint bringing nothing back!
"Filed for divorce 4 mths later! Single and happy asf! If you don't stand for sumn you will fall for anything! #truestory"

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TikTokers showered Coates with support and admiration.

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We thank Coates for the entertaining saga, and wish her all the happiness in the world!