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TikToker Flies Across The World For Friends' Wedding—Only To Realize She's At The Wrong One

TikToker @firstseedfoods traveled over 3,000 miles from the U.S. to Scotland to be her friends' unofficial wedding reception videographer, but found herself missing all of it after showing up to the wrong venue.

Screenshots of TikToker @firstseedfoods at the wrong wedding

A woman flew all the way from the U.S. to Scotland for her friends' wedding. How nice! The only problem was that she showed up at the wrong venue—and the wrong wedding.


Arti, a.k.a. TikToker @firstseedfoods, posted a clip about her matrimonial mix-up with a text overlay that read:

"POV: You travelled >3,000 miles and accidentally showed up to the wrong wedding."

In the video, a man wearing a kilt told Arti:

"You’ve come to Scotland from America and come to the wrong wedding."

To which the TikToker responded, while laughing with embarrassment:

"It’s true, oh my gosh I’m at the wrong wedding."

Then the (wrong) groom chimed in, saying, "My wedding and her wedding," while pointing to his (wrong) bride.

The clip ended with Arti indicating that she did eventually make it to the right wedding, but missed all the speeches.

Her video post was viewed over half a million times.

It was captioned with:

"Congratulations Caitlin and Stephen🤗 thanks for being such good sports and inviting me in for a drink"

Here's the clip.


congratulations Caitlin and Stephen🤗 thanks for being such good sports and inviting me in for a drink #weddingtiktok #scotland #ohno

TikTokers thought the viral clip had the potential for something bigger.



Some people found the situation relatable and commiserated with her.



In a follow-up video, Arti explained that missing out on her friends' wedding in Glasgow was regrettable was because she was supposed to be the unofficial wedding videographer.

She later clarified in the comments that the wedding party had hired a professional photographer and videographer, but the bride also wanted candid shots throughout the day and had asked Arti to snap photos with her iPhone.

Said Arti:

"I was meant to be capturing all those moments on video and I wasn't there for any of it."

At the first (wrong) wedding, Arti had sprinted into the venue and noticed something was off right away.

"Immediately no one looked familiar," she said, adding, "which is okay because I’m coming from out of town."

"I didn’t know a lot of the wedding guests but then I saw the big board that said 'congratulations Caitlin and Stephen' and I thought oh I must just be at the wrong entrance."
"Maybe it’s a big building and it’s hosting multiple events."
"It didn't dawn on me until later that I was at the wrong venue."

Replying to @Kate the story gets crazier! #storytime #glasgow #scotland #punjabiwedding

As she frantically tried calling an Uber to get to the actual wedding she traveled halfway across the globe for, two gentlemen came out of the building. They turned out to be the (wrong) groom and his brother who were featured in Arti's initial video.

The men told Arti they had made the same mistake by showing up at the wrong venue—which apparently seems to be a frequent cause for confusion given the similar-sounding location names.


Arti said she could have walked to the correct venue but opted for the car service since the dress she wore for the occasion was not suitable for walking long distances, especially in the rain.

She continued:

"Meanwhile, the bride comes out too...I can't believe that I met the entire wedding party at this other event, and they were so sweet."
"They must've asked me to come in for a drink and to just stay at this reception at least five times, maybe more."
"But again, I flew all the way for this very specific wedding and I'm supposed to be taking video there."

Arti eventually got an Uber and made it to her friends' wedding reception.

Unfortunately, by the time she arrived, the bride and groom had already made their entrances, all the speeches were made, and all the appetizers were being served for other guests.

"I missed all of it," she said.

She added that the bride and groom were "super chill" about the gaffe and were just happy Arti finally found them.


Arti said the matrimonial event—at least the portion she was there for—was "one of the most fun and thoughtful weddings" she had ever been to.

"So many special touches since it was a cross-cultural one," she said.

"Insane start to the day but a very magical and memorable evening."

Cheers to both wedding parties!