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CNN Supercut Brutally Shows How Trump Has Been 'Wrong About Every Aspect Of The Pandemic'

In an effort to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci's warnings about the seriousness of the virus, President Donald Trump's allies have been spreading around a research file filled with opposition research.

As a reminder, Dr. Fauci is one of Trump's own employees, which makes the Trump team's attempts to smear him seem especially strange.

On Monday, CNN's Alisyn Camerota showed her viewers who was worth trusting when it comes to the pandemic by assembling a supercut of Trump's endless inaccuracies surrounding the subject.

Since February, President Trump has been encouraging Americans to disregard the virus.

But no matter what President Trump says, real Americans have been affected in ways he can't deny.

Supercuts like these might be funny if real people didn't suffer the consequences of Trump's ignorance.

Twitter was pretty certain Fauci is a touch more trustworthy than President Trump.

When someone like President Trump spends so much of his time lying, it's not hard to put together footage of his falsehoods.

President Trump has made it repeatedly clear he cares more about his own political upside than the safety of his citizens.

There's nothing quite like a supercut to remind Americans of President Trump's repeated habits of behavior.

Many of them will surely remember this clip during the November elections.