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GOP Rep. Suggests Gun Control Isn't Needed Because Bible Characters Killed Each Other Without Guns


Republican Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana got some major side-eye from the internet after arguing on the House floor America doesn't need gun control laws because Biblical figures killed each without using guns.

Higgins seemed to think because people could murder each other without guns, there was no point in regulating firearms.

Which is the reason the United States doesn't have speed limits or a drinking age or...

Others also found flaws in Higgins logic.

Twitter united to roast Higgins.

The Congressman's argument made very little sense from both religious and logical perspectives.

Many citizens couldn't believe this was an actual argument made in Congress by an elected representative.

Although murder is certainly possible without guns, most reasonable people would concede regulating weapons would make a difference.

Representative Higgins' statement will likely be forgotten by the public, but it will surely be remembered by his colleague in the chamber who couldn't help but laugh at the bizarre moment.