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Former 'Law & Order: SVU' Star Christopher Meloni Just Gave Grateful Fans A Shirtless Thirst Trap Pic Showing Off His 'Quarantine Kilt'

Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

Christopher Meloni is Daddy and he knows it.

The actor, who starred in the groundbreaking HBO series Oz and the long-running Law & Order: SVU, has a history of toying around with his fans.

By toying, we mean dropping the thirstiest thirst trap pictures of all time; and the fans rejoice every single time.

We dance...

wet hot american summer GIF Giphy

Get your party hats on, guys & dolls, cause Christopher is in quarantine and he's got a kilt.

Meloni, who is a big fan of reminding the world that 58 can still absolutely get it, took to twitter for some fashion advice. See, he knows he wants to rock the quarantine kilt look, but he just can't decide on the styling.

He's sure about that ear cuff. Positive about the socks. It's the glasses that are the question mark here.

Should he wear it with the glasses:

Or should he rock the kilt without the glasses?

We don't know what happened to his shirt.

We don't know if the no-glasses look always means no shirt. We don't know anything except the exact number of visible abs Mr. Meloni has ... and if his past interviews are any indicator, he is totally ok with that.

Although Meloni identifies as a straight man, he has never been shy about appealing to all of his fans or biting into roles that feature LGBTQ subject matter. His characters in both Oz and Pose are great examples.

Meloni's Daddy status is legendary. This tweet is a total thirst trap—we're not shocked that Twitter got messy with it.

Please, Twitter, never stop telling us how you really feel.

Even Meloni couldn't help laughing at this response.

We would like to personally thank Twitter for once again making us laugh with the thirst tweets. We appreciate you in these hard times.