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Christian Pulisic Explains His Painful World Cup Injury—And No, He 'Didn't Get Hit In The Balls'

The U.S. soccer star suffered a pelvic contusion after colliding with Iran's goalkeeper while scoring the game-winning goal.

U.S. Soccer player Christian Pulisic; Pulisic after his injury
JUAN MABROMATA/AFP via Getty Images; Wu Zhizhao/VCG via Getty Images

Fans of the U.S. men's soccer team (USMNT) were treated to a thrilling World Cup game on Tuesday in which player Christian Pulisic scored the game's only goal in the first half of the match to secure USMNT's eventual victory over Iran and send the U.S. team to the knockout round.

But the goal's celebration was quickly overshadowed by another event—the injury Pulisic sustained after colliding with Iran's goalkeeper in what appeared to be a bit of a nutcracker, if you will.

Yeah, it really, really looked like Pulisic got hit squarely in the balls.

But according to the man himself, that's thankfully not what happened.

Speaking in a press conference about whether or not he got hit in the testicles, Pulisic said:

"I didn't get hit in the balls."

Whatever happened on Tuesday, it was definitely no laughing matter.

After scoring the game's only goal, Pulisic almost immediately hit the ground writhing in pain—and appearing to grasp his groin in agony.

He attempted to walk it off and keep playing, but to no avail. He had to be replaced at half-time so he could be taken to a hospital for further examination. As he explained in the press conference, the injury he suffered was a pelvic contusion.

Asked to explain what that is, exactly, Pulisic said:

"Umm... yeah... it's a pelvic contusion, you know?"

After a reporter asked if that was a "euphemism" for something—like getting hit in the balls—Pulisic confirmed it was not.

"Like, I didn't like get hit in the balls. I'm alright."

He did add, however, a pelvic contusion—whatever it is—is as painful as it sounds.

"It was very painful... That bone is there for a reason, to protect you, I think, and I hit it well."

On Twitter, all this talk of Pulisic's pelvis and testicles definitely got people's attention.

Given Pulisic's condition, it is still an open question whether he'll be able to play in the team's next match-up against the Netherlands this Saturday.

Pusilic told the press he is "doing everything I can to be available" to play.

We wish him and his pelvis but definitely not his balls a speedy recovery.