June 21 is going to be a very big day for toy movies.

In a feat of truly inspired counter-programming, both Toy Story 4 and Child's Play will be premiering on that day, which has made for some hilarious advertisement strategies.

Toy Story 4, for instance, released this simplistic poster teasing the return of the franchise's beloved lead, Woody.

In response, Child's Play tweeted out this new poster with some pretty frightening implications for ole' Sheriff Woody.

The poster was captioned:

"There's a new Sheriff in Town."


Fans were pretty shocked to see what Chucky apparently intends to do to Woody.

Things are not looking good for the good-natured cowboy.

Then again, Woody's made it through a lot of sticky situations. He might be more than a match for Chucky after all...

It only makes sense that Toy Story and Child's Play take place in the same universe.

A lot of fans are pretty confident Woody will take the gold in box office receipts if nothing else.

Who will win the showdown of the talking toys? You'll just have to do a double feature on June 21 to find out!

Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer www.youtube.com

CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019) www.youtube.com

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