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Meteorologist Warns Colleagues To Take Cover During Live Report As Tornado Forms By Studio

CBS Chicago's Albert Ramon realized the tornado was forming fast—and warned that it was 'time to get out of the newsroom.'

Screenshot of Albert Ramon warning colleagues to take shelter

During a live broadcast on Wednesday, CBS Chicago's chief meteorologist, Albert Ramon, issued a warning to his fellow colleagues to take cover as he realized that their studio was in the potential path of an approaching tornado.

The meteorologist had been reporting on severe storms in the Chicago area when he became aware of the danger.

"Newsroom, time to get out of the newsroom,"

Ramon urgently advised:

"Just get into interior rooms. We have enough rotation."
"If you want to, you can come to our level; we are in the most protected part of the building."
"But we gotta get away from windows now."

You can watch below:

Ramon, in response to a clip of the incident that was shared online, posted a tweet stating:

"We have to practice what we preach."

He further revealed CBS Chicago briefly evacuated their fourth-floor newsroom, which was surrounded by windows, due to the presence of a rotating storm that triggered a tornado warning in the loop area.

According to the National Weather Service Chicago, there were suspicions of multiple tornadoes touching down in northeast Illinois on Wednesday evening.

These tornadoes were generated by rotating thunderstorms known as supercells, which were observed to be tracking closely together.

Dramatic videos captured the formation of a tornado over O'Hare International Airport in the city, prompting individuals inside the airport to seek immediate shelter.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado had indeed touched down near the airport shortly after 7 p.m., issuing an urgent advisory for people to take cover without delay.

The internet is commending the meteorologist for his astuteness and attention to the situation.

NWS Chicago stated that damage assessments would be conducted in the following days.

Although some property damage was reported, there were no immediate indications of injuries resulting from the tornadoes.