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Chelsea Clinton Pokes Fun at Donald Trump Jr.

Not today, Satan

Chelsea Clinton Pokes Fun at Donald Trump Jr.
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Chelsea Clinton joined into the criticism regarding Donald Trump Jr.'s upcoming speech in India. He has no official role within the administration, likely because that gives him the freedom to continue to promote his father's brand. Junior also liked Twitter conspiracy theories about the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Perhaps because reality simply makes no comprehensible sense anymore, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, is scheduled to give a speech in India over the weekend to promote his family's real estate brand.


Junior has no role in the Trump administration and is rumored to be under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for possible collusion during the 2016 presidential election.


Twitter users wasted no time pointing out how different the situation would be if Hillary Clinton were occupying the Oval Office.

"Imagine if Chelsea Clinton was paid to give a foreign policy speech while Hillary Clinton was president...," Mr. Smith said.

It's not a stretch of the imagination that Republicans would lose their minds. But this is Trump, and he always gets a pass.


"My imagination doesn't stretch this far," Clinton replied.

"Imagine if Chelsea Clinton met with a Russian lawyer to try and undermine our Democracy,retweeted Nazis and killed innocent animals?" asked Mueller Is Coming.


And also this...

"Imagine if Chelsea Clinton and her husband had offices in the west wing while she was still hawking her private company and neither had security clearances? Same for the Obama daughters. The @gop would have had a 100x Benghazi meltdown by now. 🙄" tweeted Sandy.


If you think that's something, how about this? Imagine the reactions if Chelsea Clinton promoted conspiracy theories about school shootings.

Junior spent Tuesday morning 'liking' conspiracy theories about last week's Parkland, Florida school shooting. Twitter account Trump Alert was on the scene immediately.

Here is one of the tweets.

Here is the other, similar to the first one.

"While it's possible Trump Jr. accidentally "liked" the conspiratorial post about a teenage boy, he spent the morning boosting tweets favorable to his father—and then liked another tweet about Hogg," The Daily Beast reported.