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Princess Diana's Former Personal Chef Accuses Meghan Markle Of 'Manipulating' Prince Harry In Twitter Rant

Princess Diana's Former Personal Chef Accuses Meghan Markle Of 'Manipulating' Prince Harry In Twitter Rant
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Darren McGrady, self-proclaimed "The Royal Chef," went wild in a quadruple tweet after Harry and Meghan announced their plans to "step back" from their positions as senior members of the royal family.

In an Instagram post, the couple announced their decision to distance themselves from their royal roles, even opting for "financial independence."

Evidently, McGrady considers himself an important voice on the hot-button issue, and he didn't hold back in his criticism of the royal pair.


For some context, this chef indeed is no ordinary chef, and not solely due to his unhinged use of Twitter. This guy seems to only cook for people with lots and lots of clout.

His website claims he has deep ties to the royal kitchens all up the family tree, and some U.S. VIPs as well.

Darren McGrady/

In his tweets slamming Harry and Meghan, aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, McGrady makes bold claims to knowing exactly how the deceased Princess Di–Harry's mom, by the way–would have felt about the couple's sudden, partial withdrawal from royalty.

Couple things we have to note about The Royal Chef's Twitter rhythms.

Before this, the last time he tweeted was 4 days prior. And these 4 tweets came right in a row over the course of about 7 hours.

This dude was STEWING.


People on Twitter had a whole range of responses to McGrady's tirade.

Some were less impressed with his resume than he–obviously–would have hoped.

A few outright disagreed with the man's take, firing off support for the–kinda sorta?–royal couple and accusing the chef of a couple problematic biases.

Needless to say, the Twitter community is far more unified in its backlash against McGrady than its feelings about the couple's announcement.

But if you do want more hot takes, you can hire the chef for any epic parties you have planned!