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READ: Charles Manson Leaves Entire Estate to Pen Pal in Will

READ: Charles Manson Leaves Entire Estate to Pen Pal in Will

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, 83, passed away from natural causes late Sunday night after serving 46 years of a life sentence in prison. He was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder of seven people in the summer of 1969 as part of his attempt to instigate a racially-charged apocalyptic war. What is surprising to learn after his death, however, is the existence of a 2002 will in which Manson leaves his entire estate to a pen pal.

Celebrity news and gossip website TMZ reports that Manson and his pen pal exchanged letters and phone calls for two decades, and even met during visitation at the prison beginning in 2002. Though TMZ knows the pen pal's identity, he asked to remain anonymous at this time. He claims he visited with Manson several times, and received his last phone call from Manson on October 21, just weeks before his death.

TMZ says they verified Manson's handwriting, and believe the will to be authentic.

READ: Charles Manson's Will, Dated February 14, 2002

The world does a collective eye roll.

Few things are surprising — not even last wills and testaments — when they involve psychopathic murderers.

But the part about a "small fortune" caught people off guard.

According to the will, Manson leaves his personal belongings, his "exclusive music catalog," image rights and use of his name, and a small fortune.

Just how much is Charles Manson worth?

That is correct, Charles Manson had an estate, valued at an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2017. He earned the money by selling paintings, shirts, photos, those image rights, interviews and more through various websites

He disinherited his own children.

In the will, Manson specifically disinherits both his known and any unknown children, ex-wives, and any and all family members and friends.

A battle for Manson's estate and remains.

The mysterious pen pal is not the only person laying claim to Manson's body and estate. Ben Gurecki, a friend of the cult leader, says he received from Manson a 2017-dated will that names self-proclaimed son Matthew Roberts as the main beneficiary.

Both Gurecki and the pen pal separately say they intend to claim Manson's body early next week. If they don't do so within 10 days following his death, Manson's body will be cremated by the prison.

Even Manson's grandson tried to get in on the action.

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