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Chadwick Boseman May Have Finally Reached His 'Wakanda Forever' Limit

Black Panter wasn't just a movie—it was a sensation. Every detail of Wakandan culture is now beloved to millions of fans around the world. This is especially true for the crossed-arms Wakandan salute, which Chadwick Boseman performs many times as King of Wakanda in the movie. Now that the movie is over, however, people are still asking Boseman to do the salute with them. Again and again. Over and over. With no end in sight. Perhaps we're reading too much into this, but it seems like Boseman might be getting tired of saluting every single person he encounters.

There's more than a little evidence showing Boseman tired of his lot in life.

But requests are never-ending...

His eyes are filled with despair.

Boseman's discomfort has become positively meme-able!

Twitter users feel for him in the realest way.

There are definitely some salty feelings going around.

Perhaps Boseman should take a page out of Michael B. Jordan's book:

Perhaps it's time fans laid off a little bit?

Don't worry, Chadwick. There will come a happier day. Just hold out a little longer!

H/T - Twitter, Gizmodo