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The CDC Issues Warning To Men About Certain Facial Hair Styles In Attempt To Prevent Coronavirus

To combat the spread of novel coronavirus, many people in affected parts of the world have begun wearing masks and respirators to help filter the air they breath.

However, many men aren't aware that the efficiency of their respirators can be dampened by their style of facial hair.

Which styles are safe and which interfere with the respirator?

Well, fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have issued a fun graphic making it all clear.


The CDC does not recommend people wear respirators regularly outside of their workplaces, but also noted wearing one "protects against particles including infectious agents."

Certain kinds of facial hair interfere with respirators exhalation valves and could stop them from functioning at their full efficiency.

And no matter what style of facial hair you have, all men must be sure their facial hair doesn't cross the seal of the respirator, which could let in outside air, rendering the mask useless.

Bearded Twitter was in shock.


But not all the news was bad.

What could have possibly caused this strange chart?

You heard the boss, gentlemen—we must shave!

For safety.