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Tucker Carlson Says Florida Result Proves That BLM's Message Is 'Unappealing' To 'Non-White Voters'

Tucker Carlson Says Florida Result Proves That BLM's Message Is 'Unappealing' To 'Non-White Voters'
Fox News

This summer, the United States saw historic protests against racist police brutality after the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black Americans at the hands of police.

Months later, the winner of the 2020 presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is still undetermined.

But far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson took the unexpected nail biter of an election as evidence that the Black Lives Matter movement was "unappealing" to non-white voters, particularly in the state of Florida.

Watch below.

Tucker Carlson: Trump's Florida lead proves Black Lives Matter is 'unappealing' to

Carlson said:

"I just think it's interesting that the emphasis from the leaders of the Democratic Party for months has been on race and racism, and their intent—of course, the whole point of this—was to affect political outcomes. It's really remarkable—no matter what the final outcome is—that this president, specifically this one, denounced every day as a racist, is doing better with non-white voters."

He continued:

"And again, I do think that the [Black Lives Matter] message is clearly very appealing to a lot of white suburban voters. It's clearly very unappealing to a lot of non-white voters. Who expected that?"

Carlson is correct that Trump has made inroads with voters of color this cycle, including among Black and Latino voters, but Carlson's speculation that this is because of the Black Lives Matter movement is questionable.

The day of Carlson's broadcast, Fox News' own voter analysis exit polls found 78 percent of voters believed racism was either a very or somewhat serious problem in the United States. A similar percentage of voters believed the same about racism in policing.

People were skeptical of Carlson's assertion.

Carlson was roundly roasted on Twitter.

Notably, one of Tucker Carlson's head writers left the show after his racist posts surfaced online.