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Someone Replaced 'Star Wars' Sound Effects With Cardi B Ad-Libs, & We Can't Stop Listening

Star Wars is old and needs updated, obviously. But how best to improve upon such a classic film? @wearemitu decided to take the most obvious route: replace all the sound effects with ad-libs from rapper Cardi B.

If anyone on Twitter wasn't a fan of Star Wars already, this did the trick.

This new version of the film is a masterpiece to be shared with the whole family!

But does the video deserve every major award? Yes.

@wearemitu is receiving some much-deserved kudos!

When it comes to the new video, there's only one improvement anyone can think of:

Congratulations on creating perfection, @wearemitu - enjoy your virality!

H/T - Twitter, Nylon, John Avery/YouTube