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Woman Arrested After Being Caught On Video Rolling Down The Window Of Her Lexus To Pepper Spray Teen Protester

@weddingpup/Twitter; Ventura County Sheriff's Office

Though many have continued their peaceful protests amidst the rise in violent confrontations between protesters and police, their actions have not necessarily been received peacefully.

One young woman was sprayed with pepper spray while holding up a sign and chanting "Black Lives Matter!" on a street median strip.

A 46-year-old woman, since identified as Amy Atkisson, from Thousand Oaks in Southern California, came to a stop light while out on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Several peaceful protesters were positioned on the median strip next to her, holding up signs and chanting "Black Lives Matter!" on the corner of Hillcrest Drive and Lynn Road.

Someone from the gathering captured the incident on video and posted it on Twitter, which the Ventura County police proceeded to use as evidence.

At the beginning of the video, we see one of the protesters cuss at the woman through the window of her Lexus SUV for an unspecified reason.

As the chanting continued, Atkisson rolled down her car window enough to pepper spray one of the young women by her car, before rolling up her window and driving away.

The protester who filmed the video also captured the license plate number on the Lexus SUV, which the Ventura County police used to track Atkisson down.

You can watch the video here:

Others watched video of the incident and took to social media to share their thoughts.

Atkisson was then arrested on suspicion of the unlawful use of tear gas and for attacking the sixteen-year-old protester.

The young woman who was pepper sprayed has remained publicly anonymous, but the Ventura County police confirmed they have been in contact with her to verify the sequence of events.

Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Denise Sliva said of the process:

"It took a little time to track down the victim and interview her, and obviously we were getting a lot of people contacting dispatch who were present or saw the video."

Amy Atkisson was released from custody later the same day she was arrested, but she is expected to return to court on July 31.