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Turns Out The Runner Who Slapped Georgia Reporter's Behind Is A Youth Minister And Boy Scout Leader

A 10k runner was recently identified and banned from future races after slapping a female reporters butt as she did a live news report near the race track.

Now, it's been revealed the perpetrator is actually youth minister from Savannah, Georgia.

Footage of the incident quickly went viral after Alex Bozarjian retweeted the footage, calling for better treatment of women everywhere.

The next day, the Savannah Sports Council identified the man and reported his identity to the wronged parties after banning him from any future races.

It turns out the 42-year-old who slapped Bozarjian's butt is Tommy Callaway, a youth minister at Pittman Park UMC. It was also reported by Heavy that he is a boy scout leader.

Callaway's lawyer has described him as a "loving husband and father" who didn't intend to hurt anyone with his actions. The truth, however, is that he assaulted Bozarjian and his intentions don't change the fact that he did hurt her, which she made clear in an appearance on CBS This Morning.

Twitter wondered how Callaway's church would respond to his behavior.

Twitter was pretty disgusted with the man's behavior even BEFORE they found out he teaches children.

Now, many are waiting on word of further discipline from Callaway's places of work.

Unwanted sexual touch is assault, and it seems Mr. Callaway is learning that lesson the hard way. Telling his youth that might just be the best lesson he ever teaches.