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Busy Philipps Used Canvas Bags To Stop NYC Home From Flooding: 'I'm Essentially F**king MacGyver'

Busy Philipps Used Canvas Bags To Stop NYC Home From Flooding: 'I'm Essentially F**king MacGyver'

With Hurricane Ida ravaging New York city with flooding, many are left to clean up the mess themselves. Former Dawson's Creek star Busy Philipps stopped the flooding in her home with canvas shopping bags like, as she put it, "f'king MacGyver."

In a stressful but triumphant series of photos and videos, Philipps shared to Instagram the rollercoaster ride of how she stopped the flooding with DIY canvas sand bags filled with household pantry items like flour and oats.

The first two videos showed brown water pouring in and a failed attempt at using a broom to remove the rushing water.

Philipps commented the "cat beds are floating away" before breaking into nervous laughter.

In another video, she explained what she did:

"I realized I had to make makeshift sandbags."
"So, you know, I have a ton of canvas bags from shops – reusable canvas bags – and I started filling it with flour and rice and oats and then the dirt that was pouring into the house."
"And guess what? It worked."
"Because I'm essentially f*cking MacGyver."

MacGyverwas originally a 1985 series about Angus "Mac" MacGyver who's genius-level intellect enabled him to find elegant solutions to problems using the resources available. The name "MacGyver" has become a part of the American English lexicon.

Philipps' Instagram caption read:

"If *FOR ONE SECOND* you *EVER* thought I was the type of person who would just GIVE UP when the flood started rising and the people who are supposed to come help are distracted by a myriad of other calamities SO THEY CAN'T SHOW UP, then I'm here to tell you- you're VERY wrong."
"Because *I'm* the bitch that will MacGyver canvas shopping bags into sandbags using the very dirt pouring into my own home (and also some rice and flour and yes maybe old croutons.)"

Quite the quick thinking during a stressful environmental situation.

Phillips' fans were definitely impressed.













When Hurricane Ida first hit New Orleans, they lost power throughout the entire city. As it made its way towards New Jersey and New York city, the region went into a state of emergency with record-breaking rain levels.

Over multiple states, at least 60 people are known to have died during the devastating environmental crisis.