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Burger King Just Released A Burger In Thailand That Is Just A Bun With 20 Slices Of Cheese—And People Have Thoughts

The 'Real Cheeseburger' recently debuted in Thailand for about $3, and the internet is divided as to whether it's a cheese lover's dream or an abomination.

TikTok screenshots of the 'real cheeseburger' from @thefadd_official

At BK, you really can have it your way, even if that way is an insanely tall cheeseburger... hold the burger.

In fact, Burger Kings in Thailand just added the "real cheeseburger" to their menu and it's literally just 20 slices of cheese between the buns.

That's it.

We're not joking.

For a little more than $3, you can try the "burger" that has taken the internet by storm.

People have taken to social media to share their thoughts and reviews on the questionable item.


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And while the "real cheeseburger" must have been created with cheese lovers in mind, it seems that there aren't many takers.

And those who have actually braved the lactose-riddled phenomenon were unfortunately underwhelmed.


I tried Thailand’s strangest Burger! 🍔🫣 #ThaiFood #RealCheeseBurger

Even those who somewhat enjoyed the taste of the new item claimed there's no way they could finish the entire sandwich.


The Real Cheeseburger - 20 Slices of Cheese Whopper

It may be a swing and a miss for BK, but at least we got some entertainment out of it.

You rule.