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Broadcaster Offers Hilarious Commentary As His Dogs Compete To See 'Who Can Disgrace Themselves More On A Walk'


Two Labradors are locked in competition to see who can be the most badly behaved on a walk, in the latest spoof video from a popular sports commentator.

Andrew Cotter, known for his coverage of golf, tennis and rugby on the BBC, has been putting his skills to use during lockdown by producing spoof commentaries on the activities of his dogs Olive and Mabel.

The latest clip shows the pair out on a walk in woodland, as Cotter's familiar tones keeps the viewer updated on their progress.

Olive was "dominating early on, eating three kilos of grass and upsetting a small child," according to Cotter, but Mabel looks to be finishing stronger by "taking herself off to stand in this fetid pond just to please herself."

Olive is later seen jumping into the pond alongside Mabel, who jumps out and shakes herself off "all over my jeans."

Cotter adds:

"Even Olive enjoyed that one – she knows that she can still take it by shaking over the furniture back at home."

The clip is the third in a popular series which began at the end of March with the pair competing to eat their food quickly, and continued with a video of Mabel stealing a toy from the mouth of Olive.

Between the three, they have clocked more than 30 million views on Twitter.

And people can't get enough.

We can't wait for the next installment!