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Former GOP Rep. Says He Used To 'Shower' Daily With DeSantis 'In The Basement'—And We Have Questions

Former Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine told a crowd of DeSantis supporters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, about his unusual daily 'meetings' with the GOP Florida Governor.

Twitter screenshot of Jim Bridenstine; YouTube screenshot of Ron DeSantis
@AndrewB_News/Twitter; KJRH -TV | Tulsa | Channel 2

Former Oklahoma Republican Representative Jim Bridenstine raised eyebrows after telling a crowd of Florida Republican Ron Desantis' supporters about their unusual daily "meetings."

Bridenstine said he and DeSantis used to take showers together "in the basement" and discuss politics when they were both members of the House of Representatives.

You can hear what Bridenstine said in the video below.

Bridenstine said:

"He lived in his office like I lived in my office and together we would take a shower in the basement [and have] a daily meeting when we took showers."
"Am I allowed to say that?"

People were undeniably weirded out by Bridenstine's admission.

Many pointed out the homoerotic subtext—ironic considering DeSantis' regular attacks against LGBTQ+ people in his state.

Bridenstine, who previously served as the NASA administrator under former President Donald Trump, recently threw his support behind DeSantis:

“Governor DeSantis and I were classmates in Congress, original members of the Freedom Caucus, and we have worked together on many legislative issues over the years."
"Governor DeSantis is highly intellectual, always willing to listen, and relentless in fighting for what’s right."
"He has always been strong on defense and a great advocate for America’s space program. He will make a great Commander in Chief.”

Additionally, 20 state lawmakers from Oklahoma announced their endorsement of the Florida governor, further bolstering his campaign ahead of a visit to the state this past weekend.

Oklahoma, a traditionally conservative state, serves as a key battleground in the upcoming Republican primaries. DeSantis' ability to secure the support of Bridenstine and the backing of numerous state lawmakers indicates he enjoys considerable support in the race for the GOP nomination.

However, DeSantis has continued to face criticism amid concerns among Republican operatives about his apparent lack of social skills or personality.

According to the New York Times, the governor had to be reminded to maintain eye contact and shake hands during his visit to Iowa, further fueling the perception of a disconnect with everyday people.

DeSantis also weirded out social media users in March after sources close to him toldThe Daily Beast he ate "a chocolate pudding dessert" with three fingers instead of a spoon.